Molly Annelle Melody Album

Album Preview


Molly Annelle – Melody

Melody the album and what each song is about:

Kids: A song that talks about the rise of social media and how it has ruined many young people’s lives.
Goodbye Blue: Celebrating freedom from the constraints of a toxic relationship.
Sunflowers: A message about recognizing our frailties and a call to love each other in the face of today’s current events.
Alphabet: A light song about enjoying your youth.
Four Walls: Encouraging the good people of the world not to be afraid to step out of their homes and show themselves.
Feeding My Fantasy: Battling negativity, mockery and bullying.
Far Away: A tragic love song – regretful and melancholic.
A Line Inside: A song of ambition and pursuing your goal even when no one gives you a chance.
Melody: The love of authentic song writing.
Lune: The beautiful little things that make us content and deeply happy.
Found: A song that talks about doubts that swallow you up while you pursue your goals.